Watch “My Brother” Music Video

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A big thank you to my brothers: Baron, ButtaFlySoul, Sam Martinborough, sean360x
Director – Uche
Editor – Michael Burlingame
Cinematographer – Yasuaki Nakajima
Set Assistant – Joann Gomez
Makeup – Tara Lauren
Stylist – Kyle Archer
Film locations – JW Recording Studios & Studio 80

A big Happy birthday to manager Ron San Marchi and a special thank you to all my brothers on this recording including Jesse O, Dwayne Bramwell, Sam Archer, Marcelo Cardozo and my producer Jon Evans.

Behind The Scenes of Brooklyn Museum Concert

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A big thank you to all the musicians and camera crew members who made Nhojj – MUSIC and the word a reality. A special thank you to the Emmy-nominated Michael Burlingame for having the inspiration to create this beautiful piece, it really warms the Spirit and inspires my Soul… Watch now

About The Film Short

Nhojj – MUSIC and the word chronicles out indie singer-songwriter Nhojj in preparation for the landmark “Out & Proud” Brooklyn Museum First Saturday concert. Through interviews, rehearsal and performance footage, the 16 minute short elaborates on the power of music, and the positive messages behind the lyrics of his songs.

Produced by Medama Productions and The Control Group
Directors – Michael Burlingame & Ron San Marchi
Director of Photography – Yasuaki Nakajima
Videographers – Yasuaki Nakajima, Michael Colin, Yuki Sato, Michael Burlingame, Jeremy E. Jackson
Editor – Michael Burlingame
Graphics – Cristiana Bija (Grafica de Lux)
Sound Mixing – Giovanni Massa

Guitar – Marcelo Cardozo
Keys – John F. Adams
Bass – Clark Dark
Drums – Swiss Chris
Background Vocals – Ishmael Jeffers, Cameron Bernard Jones, David Williams
Guest Artists – Sam Martinborough, sean360x, Bone Intell

All songs written and produced by Nhojj

Behind the Scenes of “Amazing Grace” video

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A big thank you to Jeannine Otis for letting us film at the historic St. Marks Church, and Bob Schaffer for letting us film at his NYC penthouse. To my leading man Ron Hill ~ thank you for being gay for a day:) To my director and producer – Kirk Shannon-Butts and Adrian Lopez, you guys delivered another spectacularly beautiful video! Yasuaki Nakajima our cinematographer – you are the best! And finally to my manager RSM, thanks for making all this happen.

Kirk Shannon-Butts – Director
Adrian Lopez – Producer/Editor (Houston Street Productions)
Yasuaki Nakajima – Cinematographer
Ron Hill – Actor
Nhojj – Actor/singer