Winning R&B/Soul OUTMusic Award 2010

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The 7th Annual OUTMusic Awards kicked off with amazing performances by Women who Rock – in every genre! It was great to see Jazz singer/drummer and Living Legend honoree Paula “Styx” Hampton jam just as beautifully as heavy Rocker MilitiA. Judging the standing ovations, the audience loved it too!


Earlier, I walked the red carpet, doing interviews, smiling for photos, and hoping nothing was out-of-place, judging from the QTalk and GBM News videos, I did alright – (I’m about 20 minutes in QTalk and 11 minuest in GBM News).

Comedian Tammy Peay hosted this year’s awards and kept us laughing, as she introduced presenters and performers. I loved the variety of acts on stage, I think there was something for everyone – Folk-R&B-Soul-Pop and everything in between. I got a sense that everyone was just as excited as I was – it wasn’t about winning and losing as much as it was about celebrating how far we’ve come.

Some of my favorite performances were BSlade‘s space age Disco tribute to Icon Sylvester, Tona Brown and Aida Strings classical piece, Athena Reich nerdy cocoon to sexy butterfly number, Deepa Soul funky rock anthem, American Idol contestant William Scott‘s Uganda tribute, Raye6 grand circus finale, and the Hip Hop segment which featured baron, Infinite, Foxxjazel, Shorty Roc, Last O, Empress Milan, DJ Mary Mac and The 5 Star Music Nation.


The OMA for R&B/Soul song of the year was in the 2nd half of the show. I was sitting with my good friend Bob Schaffer (we filmed Amazing Grace at his NYC apartment) and rapper Bone Intell. Da Doo Dirty Show host DJ Baker and artist Lovari presented the Award. Marck Angel was sitting in the row behind me, Jesse O couldn’t be there, but I’d promised to text him if he won, I’d talked with Kalup Linzy briefly at last year’s Awards, and even though I didn’t get to meet Tyrangem, I follow him on Facebook. Anyone of us could have won.

I stared at the floor while they read the nominees and I remember thinking “wow” when I heard my name and all the applause. I got to the stage, gave DJ Baker a big hug, and completely forgot all the people I needed to thank… lol. All I could think of was The Gay Warrior Song and its importance, and why I wrote it. This song has been with me for 7 years, growing and getting stronger, and it is dedicated to all women, men, and transexuals around the world who are fighting for Love – hold on! Truth will prevail.

I do want to say a big thank you to my manager Ron for all the love, I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – I would not be here without you. Another big thank you to the bloggers for all your support, independent and internet radio, (especially DJ Baker) for all the spins and mentions, Diedra Merideth and everyone at LARA for working to keep the OUTMusic Awards alive. Finally I want to thank you – my friends, fans, followers, subscribers, and supporters. You’re presence means the world to me… thank you sooooooo much for being in my life and taking this journey with me.

Photos by Andrew Werner
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