Made To Love Him: Celebrating Love

Love is Love. Quiet colors of Jazz, with moments of R&B, Soul and Reggae. 12 Love songs just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Drums – Swiss Chris (John Legend, India.Arie)
Bass – Lonnie Plaxico (Cassandra Wilson, Dizzy Gillespie)
Piano – Onaje Allen Gumbs (Woody Shaw, Betty Carter)
Guitar – Marcelo Cardozo
Flute – Yael Acher
Strings – Tona Brown and Aida String Quartet
Co-Produced – John F. Adams (Phyllis Hyman, Harry Belafonte)
Mastering – Robert Honablue (Roberta Flack, Miles Davis) 

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Free Friday Download – Loving Your Male Body

I’m with my Adodi brothers here in Grafton, Illinois, playing my part to create a little same gender loving village. This song comes to mind and I thought this it would be perfect for this Friday’s Free Download. Enjoy…

Bromance Lyrics

Chocolate kisses
Candles, truth is
You make my dreams come true
Handsome, attentive
Sexy, inventive
Won’t let you slip away
(I’ve never felt this way)
Please stay

Boy I want a bromance with you
Yes I want a bromance with you

Sugar, sunrise
Make love, mmm… all night
Now resting in my arms
Romance, slow dance
Taking a chance
Will he feel the way I do
(I think I love you)
Its true

Cause I wanna fly
Yes I want to fly… with you

When I look into your eyes
The smell of your cologn
The touch of your finger tips
The sound of your voice
You taste so good
Where did you come from
I know you… I always have…

-Words & Music by Nhojj

Loving Your Male Body Lyrics

I love your chest
I love your lips
I saw your heart… right from the start
And i just knew that we would be
I love your scent earthy and nice
I love your taste sugar and spice
Whatever you want, you can have it…
I love ya

I’m loving your male body
I’m loving your male mind
I’m loving your male essence
I’m loving yours and mine

I love your smile
I love your touch
I crown you king… give your blessing
We are one and the same
I love your voice, strong body tone
I love your eyes, your in the zone

-Words & Music by Nhojj