Made To Love Him: Celebrating Love

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Album Notes

Quiet colors of Jazz, with moments of R&B, Soul and Reggae… Celebrating Love

Drums – Swiss Chris (John Legend, India.Arie)
Bass – Lonnie Plaxico (Cassandra Wilson, Dizzy Gillespie)
Piano – Onaje Allen Gumbs (Woody Shaw, Betty Carter)
Guitar – Marcelo Cardozo
Flute – Yael Acher
Strings – Tona Brown and Aida String Quartet
Co-Produced – John F. Adams (Phyllis Hyman, Harry Belafonte)
Mastering – Robert Honablue (Roberta Flack, Miles Davis) 

Album Credits

Drums – Swiss Chris
Bass – Lonnie Plaxico
Piano – Onaje Allen Gumbs
Guitar – Marcelo Cardozo
Flute – Yael Acher
Strings – Aida String Quartet: Tona Brown, Kevin Phillip Jones, Robin Fay Massie-Pighee, Jason Mickee Labrador
Voice-acting Coach – Robert-Allan Arno for The Soul of the Voice, Ltd.
Photographers – Jerry James & Rod Patrick Risbrook
Artwork – Baron

Recording & Mixing – Mavericks Recording Studio
Studio Engineer – Kevin Schinstock
Assistant Engineer – Alain Paradis
Mixing Engineer – Jon Evans
Recording (Strings) – Inner Ear Recording Studios
Studio Engineer – Don Zientara
Mastering – THI Mastering Studios
Mastering Engineer – Robert Honablue
Rehearsals – Euphoria Studios, Michiko Studios and Ultrasound Studios

All Songs Produced by Nhojj
All Songs Co-produced by John F. Adams
Executive Producer – Ron San Marchi
Associate Producer – Bryan E. Glover

Available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify

Nhojj Same-Sex Versions of Classic Love Songs

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Award winning Caribbean singer Nhojj pushes the envelope with his upcoming February 14 CD release Made to Love Him – Celebrating Love.  For his 5th studio album Nhojj performs same-sex renditions of classic love songs spanning 10 decades.


3x OUTMusic Award winner Nhojj releases Made to Love Him: Celebrating Love – a compilation of 12 classic love songs spanning 10 decades.  Set for a Valentines Day release, with pre-orders available now on iTunes, the album features standards written by such greats as George and Ira Gershwin, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Harold Arlen and E.Y Harburg, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Billy Joel, India.Arie and Nhojj himself.

“I’ve always loved Stevie Wonder’s classic,” says Nhojj about the inspiration for the title.  “It speaks of childhood stirrings, recognizing true love, and standing up to family objections.  This is my story, and the story of so many LGBTQ people around the world.  I began to hear the lyrics with male pronouns and I could feel old wounds healing – what a fresh way to demonstrate the normality of my sexuality.”

Onaje Allan Gumbs
Onaje Allan Gumbs

Nhojj has been expressing his sexuality through his music for almost a decade. His music video Love depicts the romance of two black men, and Amazing Grace depicts an interracial male couple exchanging marriage vows.  Singles like Bromance and the #1 OutVoice songs He & Him and Adam & Steve all honor the love “that dare not speak its name”.   His work has featured on LOGO, and Centric TV’s Soul Sessions. But Nhojj proclaims, “I feel this is my best album yet, I took chances I haven’t taken before and I’m proud of the result.” This new album is definitely a bold move from an artist who has made a musical career of following his internal compass into unchartered waters.

Marcelo Cardozo

Preliminary work for Made To Love Him started in the spring of 2012, after Nhojj performed at the first Out & Proud First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum.  Nhojj and executive producer Ron San Marchi compiled a long list of songs and started the almost impossible process of elimination that would result in the 12 recorded tracks. Recording took place in New York City and Arlington, Virginia over 3 weeks during the summer of 2013.

Nhojj - Music Studio Recording Session (LR Edits)-34
Lonnie Plaxico

“We’re bombarded with messages of tell us we are not normal,” the soft spoken singer explains.  “I need ways to combat these sometimes subtle, but no less damaging attacks on my identity.  Music protects my soul.  My music is my own personal revolution.  Songs have always been a powerful champion for change:  Enslaved Africans had negro spirituals, the civil rights movement had freedom songs, and the anti-war movement had protest songs.”

Swiss Chris

Made To Love Him smoothly blends Jazz, Rhythm, Blues, and Reggae and boasts a diverse array of talent:  Swiss Chris on drums (John Legend), Lonnie Plaxico on bass (Cassandra Wilson), NAACP award nominated pianist Onaje Allen Gumbs, Tona Brown and Aida String Quartet (first trans woman for perform for a sitting President), Yael Acher (out lesbian flutist), and longtime guitarist Marcelo Cardozo.  The album is co-produced with John F. Adams (Amy Winehouse, Keith Sweat) and mastered by Robert Honablue (Roberta Flack, Miles Davis, Barbara Streisand).  Recording and rehearsals were filmed by Emmy nominated Michael Burlingame for an upcoming documentary.

John F. Adams & Nhojj

“I am very grateful to be living in a time when Made To Love Him could be released and even celebrated”  Nhojj explains, “In addition to expressing my truth, I wanted this album to pay tribute to the artists who lived in a society that was less accepting – artists like Johnny Mathis.  I sing out for him and all others who came before me.”

1. Over The Rainbow
2. Nature Boy
3. He Heals Me
4. He’s Got a Way
5. How Sweet It Is
6. Someone to Watch Over Me
7. Waiting for You
8. So Amazing
9. Twelfth of Never
10. Love on Top
11. I Was Made to Love Him
12. Our Love Is Here to Stay

Download now at iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.

Behind The Scenes of Brooklyn Museum Concert

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A big thank you to all the musicians and camera crew members who made Nhojj – MUSIC and the word a reality. A special thank you to the Emmy-nominated Michael Burlingame for having the inspiration to create this beautiful piece, it really warms the Spirit and inspires my Soul… Watch now

About The Film Short

Nhojj – MUSIC and the word chronicles out indie singer-songwriter Nhojj in preparation for the landmark “Out & Proud” Brooklyn Museum First Saturday concert. Through interviews, rehearsal and performance footage, the 16 minute short elaborates on the power of music, and the positive messages behind the lyrics of his songs.

Produced by Medama Productions and The Control Group
Directors – Michael Burlingame & Ron San Marchi
Director of Photography – Yasuaki Nakajima
Videographers – Yasuaki Nakajima, Michael Colin, Yuki Sato, Michael Burlingame, Jeremy E. Jackson
Editor – Michael Burlingame
Graphics – Cristiana Bija (Grafica de Lux)
Sound Mixing – Giovanni Massa

Guitar – Marcelo Cardozo
Keys – John F. Adams
Bass – Clark Dark
Drums – Swiss Chris
Background Vocals – Ishmael Jeffers, Cameron Bernard Jones, David Williams
Guest Artists – Sam Martinborough, sean360x, Bone Intell

All songs written and produced by Nhojj