Song of the Day = Happy New Year’s Day

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New Year’s Day is such a time of excitement and promise… wouldn’t it be great if everyday could begin with such excitement and promise? I think that will be my new year’s resolution – to treat each day like a brand new page on which I write about everyone and everything I love.

I hope the fun retro-disco vibes free your Spirit to sing and dance in 2013!

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Happy New Year’s Day – Disco for a New Year

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Step by step Nhojj has broken barriers while infusing his musical landscape with hope, compassion and joy, not to mention a ‘little bit of love’ to spread around to those who need it. In his latest offering the ground breaking artist dances to the sounds of Disco as he urges us to celebrate our blessings every day in —”Happy New Year’s Day.”

(PRWeb) Acclaimed for “Love” – a neo-soul song and 2010 chart topping MTV Music video, versatile artist Nhojj explores a new genre for his latest release “Happy New Year’s Day.” The 1/1/11 celebration song rings to the sounds of disco music.

“Happy New Year’s Day,” is Nhojj’s latest in a string of uplifting tunes. This time around he combines positive, affirming lyrics with the passion and sexuality of pulsating beats on the dance floor, sending the message to “keep striving on…” and to “give love a try.”

Written to capture the spirit of New Year’s Day celebrations and spread hope throughout the year, “Happy New Year’s Day” has already been coined “the ultimate feel good disco song.” Nhojj says, “Music can be a tremendous force in our world. It can bring us together and make us dance and sing and feel good, and for me only one musical genre that celebrates all these traits is disco.”

Nhojj’s musical roots trace back to when he was a child of 5 singing choir songs in his father’s small church in Georgetown, Guyana. The values he learned early in life have stayed with him – dream big, work hard, count your blessings, persevere, and always honor the uniqueness and potential of all human life. Lyrically “Happy New Year’s Day” is a conglomeration of these values.

From homelessness to homophobia Nhojj has addressed the pressing issues of today’s society through his music. He has looked inward and explored issues of self esteem. “Good music is entertaining…” he explains, “but it can be so much more than that. It can change the way we think of ourselves and the world around us. It can inspire.”

In his decade long musical journey, Nhojj has released six albums, four singles, and a DVD directed by Emmy nominated Bill Cote. He has headlined at the Barbados Music Awards, as well Pride Festivals across America, and in Munich, Germany. He made history by being the first Black male to win an OUTMusic Award and by being the first gay indie artist to top the MTV Music video chart. But his proudest accomplishment is being able to create music that honors and celebrates how special we are.

Happy New Year’s Day

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Today is 1/1/11 – its almost like time has reset itself, giving us all permission to start again… renew ourselves and our lives. “Happy New Year’s Day” celebrates this day and everyday, because everyday is a new day… a chance to start fresh.

Musically “Happy New Year’s Day” is inspired by Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album. Its one of my all time favorite albums, so raw and full of life and passion – I love it! I also drew inspiration from the Bee Gee’s Staying Alive. I remember listening to the Bee Gees as a child and enjoying the harmonies and the sounds and energies of disco music- the Bee Gee’s introduced me to disco music. I used the sounds of disco for HNYD because to me disco is all about fun and absolute joy…

Happy New Year’s Day Lyrics

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Hope every single day
Shines like new year’s day
Trust your heart & feel the power
Flow within your soul
For this new year…
Dance to the music… that you hear
Make resolutions
Life brings solutions
Daily give thanks for what you have
Know within your soul
You are blessed dear…
Dance to the music… that you hear

Our journey may be long, too long
Life may throw some curve balls at us
But we’ll dance, we’ll fight
We’ll step aside and…
Keep pressing on
Keep moving on
Keep striving on
We climb our hills, push past walls
Knowing that this vision is ours
Life is like school
Testing what we choose…
Choose better ways
Reach higher grades
See brighter days

Look around you, this year
The answers for you are so near
Just shift the mind and
Center the I
You’ll solve the puzzle
Win the prize
Give love a try


-Words & Music by Nhojj