Love Is Love

I recently read a comment on one of my YouTube videos… “Whenever I hear your music, it reminds me that I’m not the only gay person out there (even though I’m lesbian). Thank you for your´╗┐ beautiful music…” I’ve been replaying these words over and over again, and now other words from other comments have surfaced and they have all condensed into one crystal clear thought – what I do makes a difference… as small as it may seem – writing these songs, recording these albums, sharing my truth makes a difference. But her 2 sentences also made me realize something else – what we all do makes a difference and sometimes the smallest things matter the most, so I hope today, when the opportunities present themselves, you choose to share… you never know who is listening!

New Compilation Track Listing

  1. Bromance
  2. Loving Your Male Body
  3. Love**
  4. He & Him*
  5. My Brother
  6. Finding Me Lovemaking – Sci Fi Remix*
  7. Things Will Get Better
  8. Live Your Life**
  9. Gay Warrior Song**
  10. Adam & Steve

**OUTMusic Award Winning songs
*OUTMusic Nominated songs

sshh... don't tell everyone
sshh… don’t tell everyone!

The Story Behind A New Compilation CD

For some time now I’ve wanted to compile my LGBTQ affirming singles into an album, so during this retrograde I re-visited the idea, and after re-listening to songs over the weekend, realized I had more than enough for an album.

Of course this also provided an opportunity to tweak some songs (good ideas sometimes come after performing a song live). And after working with Tim’m West on his project Snapshots, I realized that releasing music doesn’t have to require a lot of time (we recorded, mixed and mastered 3 songs in one evening).

So between watching the 3rd season of Archer on Netflix and reading Nalo Hopkinson’s Midnight Robber (have to give the ears a rest… love Nalo!!!), I re-mixed Adam & Steve and Finding Me Lovemaking, and re-mastered Gay Warrior Song. This brought me to a grand total of 8 songs. But then I thought – wouldn’t 10 songs be better… yes I thought, 10 songs would be better… so I went into the vault, remembering 2 new songs I’d worked on last year, just sitting there waiting to be released… Voila!

So new music on Wednesday, I’ll tell you more tomorrow…


LGBTQ Funders Project & Nhojj Music

A big thank you to my friend Bryan Glover over at LGBTQ Funders for producing this series highlighting the lives of LGBTQ people we generally don’t see in the media. This is the first of 5, and I’m really proud to have my music be apart of this project. Watch and enjoy and please share!