The Story Behind A New Compilation CD

For some time now I’ve wanted to compile my LGBTQ affirming singles into an album, so during this retrograde I re-visited the idea, and after re-listening to songs over the weekend, realized I had more than enough for an album.

Of course this also provided an opportunity to tweak some songs (good ideas sometimes come after performing a song live). And after working with Tim’m West on his project Snapshots, I realized that releasing music doesn’t have to require a lot of time (we recorded, mixed and mastered 3 songs in one evening).

So between watching the 3rd season of Archer on Netflix and reading Nalo Hopkinson’s Midnight Robber (have to give the ears a rest… love Nalo!!!), I re-mixed Adam & Steve and Finding Me Lovemaking, and re-mastered Gay Warrior Song. This brought me to a grand total of 8 songs. But then I thought – wouldn’t 10 songs be better… yes I thought, 10 songs would be better… so I went into the vault, remembering 2 new songs I’d worked on last year, just sitting there waiting to be released… Voila!

So new music on Wednesday, I’ll tell you more tomorrow…


A Gay Native American Martial Artist

A gay Native American who teaches martial arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma… sound interesting? Watch the video and find out more about Wade (if you listen carefully you’ll hear my song “Adam & Steve” in the background). A big thank you to my friend Bryan Glover and the LGBTQ Funders for producing this beautiful series on the lives LGBTQ peoples. I will share more videos from the series over the next weeks.