Stories Behind the Songs – Waiting for You

The East Village! That’s where I wanted to live… amongst all those very cool individuals who seemed to do as they pleased, regardless of what others thought. They seemed to live beyond social norms and paralyzing convention. I saw them as renegades, they symbolized everything I felt inside. I still remember that first drive through this part of the New York City. I was with my aunt, but my face was pressed against the window like a child outside a candy store. I wanted it all.

Then my life arranged itself so that now I was here, living in the East Village. I hadn’t planned it, rather it had planned me. It was like when I was a child and had the distinct feeling that I would wake up and realize my life wasn’t real. Now I realized I just had to pivot my gaze ever so slightly, and then I could see… everything. In a way it was like waking up – that’s where I found this song…

House Concert In Cleveland, OH

I was exploring one of the historic districts in Cleveland after my soundcheck on Saturday, and ran into an artist friend I’ve known and respected for a long time – Julie Patton. I didn’t know she was from Cleveland and she didn’t know I was in town. So it was a surprise meeting and a wonderful synchronistic moment that we happened to be on the same street at the same time.

She invited me back to her home and I started jamming with her neighbor and… well… long story short – I’m still in Cleveland:)

We are having a jam session/house concert at her place tonight at 8pm. So if you are in the Cleveland area, come on over to:

House Concert
1387 East Blvd. (at the corner of Asbury) Suite 5,
Cleveland, OH 44106

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spotify Love is Love Playlist

There is a phrase I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, and I really love it. Its simple and I feel it captures what I know deep down inside – love is love. I’ve started a new playlist of out and proud artists. There are so many talented artists that I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy just because of the circles I move in. Thanks to Spotify (my new favorite place to listen to music), now I get to share my favorite music with you. You can subscribe to Love is Love playlist directly in Spotify and you’ll be kept up to date every time I add songs. If there are out artists that you know of please share them with me… Happy listening!