After hearing what seemed like an eternal “No”
They ended their days frozen outside of their respective Lights
Quiet and silent
Immobilized by a word and all it held sway
I pray this is not the end of the book

Circle Session: “Violence, Healing & Forgiveness”

The Peoples Monastery collaborated with CONNECT’s Co-Executive Directors – Sally MacNichol & Q. Walcott for this gathering on different forms of violence and abuse. There were excerpts from the play, “Behind the Wall” by Brother Dyron with actors Joy Notoma & Bernard Tarver and beautiful singing from the amazing, Nhojj. Video by Gabriel Rayos

Artist Prayer


Oh Great Creator
I submit myself into your care
Watch over me
Guide me and protect me
Show me
Lead me into your Truth and safety

This way is sometimes dark and I am trusting in you to carry me to the Light
The Light of Creativity
The Light of Abundance
The Light of Peace
The Light of Freedom
The Light of Satisfaction
The Light of Contentment
The Light of Love

Let me Trust myself more
Let me see myself in all
Let me laugh and laugh and laugh