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James Earl Hardy’s Review

nhojj album5 artwork1 James Earl Hardys Review album reviews

“OUTMusic Award winner wraps his fluid, achingly soulful tenor (and a few of those trademark falsetto runs) around a dozen compositions, the highlights being a reggae-flavored “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)“; an acoustic, crackling “Our Love Is Here To Stay“; a smoldering version of India Arie’s “He Heals Me“; and traditional yet exquisite interpretations of “Twelfth of Never,” “Over The Rainbow,” and “Someone To Watch Over Me.” He even gives Luther (“So Amazing“) and Mrs. Carter (“Love on Top“) props. A welcome addition to the ever-expanding same gender loving contemporary musical canon. Hat tip and bow…”James Earl Hardy

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Enjoy Your Eargasmic Experience

“Have you purchased Nhojj’s new album “Made to Love Him: Celebrating Love” yet? What are you waiting on? I guess I have you give you a third reason why you must buy your copy after allowing you to preview singles “Love On Top” (originally performed by Beyonce) and “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You” (originally performed by Marvin Gaye).

Nhojj’s version of India.Arie’s “He Heals Me” is another reason why you will fall in love with this opus of same-gender-loving love songs. I often familiarized you with Nhojj as our version of the “Video” songstress, but his recreation version breathes so much SGL empowering life into the song that would easily serves as a song for couples as same-sex marriages are becoming legalized state-by-state.”G-List

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