Author Michael-Christopher’s New Book

I’ve been a fan of new Renaissance man – Michael-Christopher for a while now. He’s an artist, author, comic-book illustrator, publisher, and now he adds photography to his resume. Check out his new coffee table book Man:Black – Images of Male Beauty and enjoy the beauty of the male form.

Adodi Spring Retreat was Fantabulous!

Last Saturday, I finally attended an Adodi Retreat. I’d been hearing about Adodi for years now, but I was always a little apprehensive about attending… you see I’ve been to my fair share of SGL men’s groups that didn’t really feel beneficial, but… Adodi was such a pleasant surprise!

A pleasant surprise

After registering, I walked into a room that looked (and felt) like a sanctuary. There was an elaborate, candle lit, Kente clothed, rose covered, African alter in the center, with an amazing wooden carving of 2 men joined at the mouth and groin (where does one find an African statue of 2 men facing each other joined at mouth and groin?)

Spirituality and Sexuality

The retreat started off with singing, opened with a meditation circle, and then jumped into a discussion on Spirituality and Sexuality.  I felt like a kid in a candy store!!! You see I’ve spent more money than I probably should have on books that explore the connection between these 2 seemingly opposing concepts… but for one reason or another, I don’t get to discuss it much with anyone (except my brother, but that’s another blog post:).

Kindness and Compassion

The most beautiful aspect of the day, was the kindness and compassion these men expressed toward each other. I really felt like I found a spiritual family and home, and as the day progressed, I got the distinct impression that this was something real – real affirmation, real connections, real insight, new ideas that really help in this journey called life.

Real affirmation… Real connections… Real insight

Looking back over Adodi’s one day Spring Retreat, I am reminded of something simple yet powerful –  I’m OK and you are OK, just the way we are.  Just because someone or some group of people don’t agree with, approve of, or like you is of no real consequence, it doesn’t make you any less deserving of the love and respect…

You are OK

This day also reminds me of the importance of finding a group of people who do agree with, approve of, and like you.  Regardless of how long it takes, keep searching for your group.  Because whatever you believe, think, feel – there is a group of people who believe, think, and feel just like you do… and that affirmation is priceless.

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Dear D’Angelo…

Dear D’Angelo,

How are you? I’m writing to let you know that we (well… really I… but I’m sure there are many more who will agree) want some more of your Old Soul Neo Soul, silky smoothed, falsetto voiced, hip hop flavored, harmony laced R&B/Soul. Your Neo-Soul Movement brothers and sisters have been keeping the fires burning for us, but we need you to play your part (literally). So come out… come out… where ever you are and do what you were sent here to do… create music. In the meantime, I’ll reminisce…

Love & Light

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2 More Reasons to Mike Ibrahim

Its 2 for 1 here at, so here are 2 more reasons why I love Mike Ibrahim. First off– wings. I’ve always loved wings, all kinds of wings — angel wings.. butterfly wings… bird wings… Maybe wings are a symbol for my deep desire to fly and be free (if you ever see me performing in angel wings don’t be surprised:) The second reason is this beautiful song “Levitation” Check them out and leave a comment and let me know if you agree.