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Baron = OMA 2012 Nominated Artist

Baron Baron = OMA 2012 Nominated Artist  lgbtq artist friends

Here’s another one of my favorite people in the world – Baron, he’s a poet, a musician, a graphic artist (he created the OMA banners), a photographer, and most recently a jeweler. You may recognize him from the “My Brother” music video… Listen to OUTMusic nominated Best Alternative Song “Remedy” by Baron.

sean360x = OMA 2012 Nominated Artist

sean360x sean360x = OMA 2012 Nominated Artist  lgbtq artist friends

I’m so proud of sean360x, you may remember him from the “My Brother” music video. I wouldn’t be the artist I am today without the support of Sean360x and his company uni aum Entertainment – he took me under his wing, showed me ropes and infused me with an appreciation of my unique musical talents. So I’m so happy to let you know he’s nominated for 3 OUTMusic Awards – Best Spoken Word, Best Jazz/Cabaret, Best International Song… Watch the performance art of sean360x.

Song of the Day = He & Him

I remember being nervous about releasing this song… the words and music were in my Spirit so I knew I had to record them, but I had no idea how it would be received. I’d never heard a song like it, so I had no reference to sooth my fears… I could either retreat or do what I’ve always done – step out on faith believing my intuition would guide me everywhere I want to go. I’m really happy I followed my heart – He & Him won a RightOutTv Award and is nominated for an OUTMusic Award for the Biello-Martin Love Song. If you haven’t heard it before… Listen now!

I hope the smooth groove seduces and gives you dreams of your own beautiful romance… sometimes dreams come true:)

he him2 Song of the Day = He & Him song of the day

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Finding Me Love Making

This song was a lot of fun to work on… The director of “Finding Me Truth” – Roger Omeus sent me the love making scene from the film and I watched it over and over again while writing the words and music – not bad right:) You can catch the song in the film and its also nominated OMA for Best Song on a Soundtrack. Take a listen…

Nhojj Scene 2n Finding Me Love Making  lgbtq