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Beautiful Profile of a Transgendered Male

Here’s another beautiful profile brought to you by LGBTQ Funders and directed by my friend Bryan Glover. I know there are some of us in the community who don’t yet understand our trans brothers and sisters, but take a look at this video… I think it will begin to change your mind and allow you to begin celebrating there lives – we are all in this together. Oh and let me know if you recognize which of my songs are in the background:)

A Gay Native American Martial Artist

A gay Native American who teaches martial arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma… sound interesting? Watch the video and find out more about Wade (if you listen carefully you’ll hear my song “Adam & Steve” in the background). A big thank you to my friend Bryan Glover and the LGBTQ Funders for producing this beautiful series on the lives LGBTQ peoples. I will share more videos from the series over the next weeks.