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Song of the Day = Amazing Grace

My parents had this old Gospel record they’d received as a gift while visiting a Baptist church in California, they took it back to Guyana and I must have somehow found it… I immediately fell in love with those heartwarming sounds, and would play it for anyone who would listen – which mostly included my parent’s (rather conservative:) guests. I’ve always loved traditional Gospel music and Amazing Grace is one of my favorite hymns, so its nice that it has been nominated for Best Spiritual/Inspirational Song.

I’m not a gospel singer, but I sure do enjoy singing like one… hope you enjoy it too:)

Nhojj Amazing Grace Behind The Scenes Music Video LR Edits 176 Song of the Day = Amazing Grace song of the day

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With You Everyday is Thanksgiving

I am thankful you are in my life… our paths could have led us down different roads, but they didn’t – they led us to this moment. I don’t know the purpose… I don’t have the answers… all I know is that I’m happy you are here sharing these moments with me… You are special – you always have been and you always will be… with you, everyday is thanksgiving…

Love & Light

Song of the Day = Live Your Life

Live Your Life” is another “affirmation song” – we learn songs and lyrics easily, so what better way to remind myself of the importance of trusting oneself. Creating songs is an affirmation and allows me to work closely with ideas I want to integrate into my life. I fell in love with this track and began dreaming of a song that would capture its breezy, carefree vibe. I stumbled across the Steve Jobs quote and “Live Your Life” was born. Nominated for 2 OUTMusic Awards – Best R&B/Soul Song and Best ProducerListen Now and be encouraged!

Hope the smooth sounds inspire you to dance to the beat of your own drum! Listen as often as you like and feel free to share with a friend. I promise you will feel better

218e Nhojj Song of the Day = Live Your Life song of the day

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