OUTMusic Award for Jazz Song – Our Love Is Here To Stay

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This is my 4th OUTMusic Award! I remember back in 2004, when I got my first nomination. I was so excited, and then I lost to Rufus Wainwright. Hold onto your dreams good people!

A big thank you to Diedra Meredith and everyone at OUTMusic for all your support over the years. Marcelo Cardozo I couldn’t have done this without your classic arrangement and virtuosity on guitar. Thank you so much. Jon Evans you mixed this beautifully. Robert Honablue you mastered this so exquisitely. Thank you both. This project wouldn’t be what it is without your co-production John F. Adams. Thank you. Robert-Allan Arno, thank you for taking me deep into the story at the core of this and so many other songs. Bless you. George and Ira Gershwin, thank you this timeless tune! To everyone at Mavericks Studios, you’ve created the perfect space for creativity. Thank you. And finally, a special thank you to Ron San Marchi… words can’t express ~

Love & Light