My Nature Boy

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My Nature Boy Story

He said come with me, I want to show you something. And me always wanting some new adventure… some new kind of experience, reached for his outstretched hand and followed him down the path into the grove. I’d never come this far before. Before there had never been any reason to, but now it all seemed so natural, so organic, almost like it was destined.

He wasn’t much older than I, but he moved with an easy freedom I found myself reflecting. His movements were fluid and strangely intoxicating. I kept trying to wrap my mind around each step, but the understanding kept evading me. At times I thought I was dreaming and at times time seemed to be slowing down then speeding up… and there was that curious taste of honey on my tongue.

We moved down the narrowing path, past the pond, under a bridge, through another patch of trees, round a corner and finally reached a small clearing. Jutting out in the middle was a large chunk of bedrock. He let go of my hand as we made ourselves at home. A few moments passed, and then he slowly leaned over and started doodling in the dirt with his finger. There was something unusual about how the light and shadows bathed his body, I felt like I was seeing him for the first time… my nature boy.

He was no longer just an enchanting enigma, now I could sense the need. The need that mirrored itself in me, simple until denied. I must have allowed some small sound to escape my lips because he turned and looked up at me. Our eyes met. It seemed in that moment, surrounded by foliage and flowers and moonlight and insects and Gods know what else, we were standing before each other naked and beautiful as the day we were born. No walls, no pretense, no distinction.

What the birds and the bees would have witnessed, had they been present, were two young men sitting on earth stone, deep in conversation while all around them a new day began to dawn.

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