People are talking about “My Brother”

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The most beautiful and uplifting song and video I’ve ever experienced! Bravo to all!” – Charles Rice-Gonzalez

“I am typing this through tears…thank you, thank you Nhojj!! What a beautiful affirmation, testimony, joyous celebration!” – Fabian Thomas

“Thanks for that warm embrace” – James Earl Hardy

“This is beyond lovely. The unity is right there INSIDE the sound. A wonderful presentation, statement and message! So FEELING the love & artistry in this stellar effort. In fact, if either of my novels are ever made into films, I’d want this song to be a vital part of the soundtrack! That’s how much it MOVES my soul!” – L.M. “Lin” Ross

“Love this! You create this spirit of sincerity and warmth in your music that’s so welcoming, I can’t help but feel a part of it.” – Allen Luther Wright”

“Absolutely soul stirring, head nodding, feet swirling, body shaking, spirit warming! Wonderful!” – Ed Toney

“I absolutely love it!!” – Charly Joaquin Dominguez

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“A superlative production of sheer joy and mutual respect, this is a mantra for the way it should be, it can be…leave it to Nhojj to make it so deceptively easy, bathed in the white light of brotherhood.” – Robert-Allan Arno

“Beautiful, uplifting, chills, I feel it” – Marc Benjamin

“I could just feel the love, that went into creating it. Thank you again – for sharing such a beautiful message.” – Felix Anthony Williams

“What can I say that I haven’t said already. You are wonderful. I love your music. Keep this up and you will go down in history as one of the greatest. Trust me on that.” – Ochi

My Brother” is a delight to the eye and ear. Its lighthearted rhythms, harmony , images, and talented ensemble, convey the easy joy that brothers often share. But there is a deeper message that men of color, and of all colors, should be seeing, supporting and loving one another as brothers to overcome life’s hurdles. It is a profound message beautifully delivered.” – Michael Lavelle

“Something fresh and from the heart.” – Howard Stump

“Rarely do artists give back, at least as part of their art. There are the standard award show thank you’s, but a video dedicated to the friends that helped them get there? Neo-soul singer/songwriter Nhojj creates a special moment with the release of his third video “My Brother.” They don’t come as genuine as Nhojj and judging by the “My Brother” line up, good company is contagious.” – Ramon Johnson

“So wonderful to share with men I know and love.” – Tim’m West