Winning OUTMusic Awards

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I remember the first time I was nominated for an OUTMusic award. It was 2004, and I had recently released my sophomore CD Someday Peace Love & Freedom. The OMAs didn’t have as many categories, so I was up against Rufus Wainwright for OUTStanding New Album – Male.

I remember thinking, as the announcer read the nominations… what if I win? But I didn’t win – Rufus Wainwright did… it was probably for the best, I was seated all the way in balcony and I would never have made it to the stage in time:)

However, I kept my dream of winning an OMA safe, and in 2009, when I’d practically forgotten about it, I won my first OMA. A big thanks to my friend and House Producer Tomas for suggesting that I submit Love for OUTStanding R&B/Soul Song. As it turns out I was the first black male to win and consequently got lots of love from kewl blogs like BET‘s Centric Soul Sessions and Rod 2.0.

I guess I was lucky that first time around, I escaped the anxiety of sitting through the nominations and “the winner is…” moment. The R&B award was part of the pre-show and took place while I was doing my soundcheck. My mentor sean360x told me later I won and 5th Dimension biographer Robert Allan-Arno handed me my award (how kewl right:)

This year, however as we took our seats – 2nd row:) I realized I would have the full experience, there would be no soundcheck (or balcony:) to shield me from the reality of this moment. Whatever happened I would be present to experience it. I took a breath and relaxed.

Earlier I’d taken the opportunity to wish OUTStanding Hip Hop winner baron a good performance, chat with OUTStanding Jazz winner Avi Wisnia and American Idol contestant William Scott, and ogle at Mike Ruiz on the red carpet:) Now the house lights dimmed and the 7th Annual OUTMusic Awards commenced…

To be continued


  1. The drama…the suspense! But seriously Nhojj, this is a wonderful story of patience, progression and God’s grace…as well as yours! Congrats on this year’s award and I’ll certainly never forget the moment when I handed you the statue last year (thanks for the shout-out)! Blessings always dear friend and artist of continued heights.