50,000 Youtube Plays + Interview

We did this interview last year – right after my 1st music video Love reached #1 on MTV Music. It was an exciting time – I’d recently won the R&B/Soul OUTMusic Award and BET‘s Soul Sessions sent congratulations, so there was a lot to talk about. Its interesting that this is coming out now, because Love just passed another milestone – 50,000 plays on Youtube. Watch it again and help take it to 100,000 plays… its about our Love.

2 thoughts on “50,000 Youtube Plays + Interview”

  1. Absolutely awesome Brother Nhojj!! It was also a pleasure meeting in person recently. I wish much success to the creative and empowering work you are doing through your music and passion for authenticity.

  2. Well writen song, good production/ orchestration.
    The visuals are beautiful and tasteful, there isn’t anything I DON’T like about this piece.
    I hope to see more good stuff like this in future!!

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