He & Him

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Celebrate Love… where ever it exists and whenever it occurs, because the simple truth is… love is special. A good friend shared this quote which may explain why “Love is the body of God” – Swami Muktannanda. Valentine’s day isn’t the only time to celebrate love, we can do it everyday. Listen & enjoy…

“Neo-Soul’s often effervescent Nhojj tells the story in subtle glory. Sobering and thought-provoking, when he coos the saga of a relationship while emoting ‘all that remains are moments like this,’ he brings ‘the good news’ of ongoing love.

Yes, the ‘shore is empty, the time is right’ newness and thrill expressed in his # 1 hit, “Love” ain’t here; this is the sequel in the artist’s song-cycle of sorts. With electronica overtones, and baroque undertones, Nhojj observes the nuisances of ‘daily love,’ taking us down the road, ‘hand in hand’ toward the history and mystery of it all.

Unusually plaintive, nearly bittersweet, this time the singer-songwriter talks of ‘chang(ing) the tides,’ and that he does. The song is epic in sweep, the soundtrack to universal, enduring love…with hardly a blink to who it is about, but rather ‘what it’s all about.’ Quite simply, its thematic applies to everyone.

While inviting a 2nd and 3rd listen, it becomes apparent that the hypnotic He & Him has the potential for a Grammy-bound journey as part of the anthem’s destiny as well as for a tunesmith who conjures it from such a deep sense of time and space.”

Robert-Allan Arno (5th Dimension Biographer)


  1. This is just beautiful Nhojj. Thanks for sending it. I also have a new song for Valentine’s Day. You can check it out at youtube or on my website homepage: When I’m With You.

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Listening to a couple of your songs on my new computer! Great stuff! Im glad I have been able to keep in touch with you since myspace!