1. That’s great I love the site and your playing my favorite song also which makes it even better still a big fan of your work and i’m sure i’ll be a big fan of Mike Ibrahim’s work also much love your friend from Barbados

  2. I saw the video you dedicated to Maxwell “Peace and Blessings”. I love that song. It’s so beautiful and smooth. I love your other music as well. We need more music like this today. I am a fan for life. Please keep making music. Peace and Blessings to you!

  3. Greetings Nhojj
    You are a wonderful friend and an incredible artist!
    We are so grateful that you are in our lives-the years have passed very quickly indeed.
    We love all of your music and we wish you continued success!
    Peace, blessings, love and hugs
    Trace and the Family

  4. Nhojj, great music and website. Keep singing, you inspire all of us. Much Love, JC

  5. Nhojj, I’m mesmerized by your inspirational sound. The upgrade is fabulous. Happiness & Success always. Paula

  6. is a pleasure tuning into your “life” in this way. The buzz was seeing you in Finding unexpected joy. I can not wait to collect more of your music. You are a Star.

  7. Oh dearest Warrior, Fighting for Love….
    This was such a wonderful time to remember,,,,
    I can see you and Mike, hear the voices and laughter as if it were happening as I write these words 🙂
    ~Hey, can I get a million dollars? lol